Private Home Sales

These homes were not listed on MLS, bought by cash buyers!

I sold these homes in “private sales” during the last 2 years.
Some sellers prefer private sales and their properties
sold: “as is”. I brought cash buyers to the sellers
and the new owners will remodel or build a new home.
All of these properties sold for market value.


443 86th Avenue, Clyde Hill, WA
Sold April 2020 for $3,550,000

8427 NE 19th Place

8427 NE 19th Place, Clyde Hill, WA
Sold April 2017 for $1,670,000

7842 NE 14th

7842 NE 14th St , Medina
Sold Fall 2016 for $1,500.000

9235 NE 5th

9235 NE 5th St. West Bellevue
Sold Winter 2016 for $1,067,000

9536 NE 1st

9536 NE 1st St., West Bellevue
Sold Spring 2016 for $1,475,000

front of home from camera-small for web

9827 NE 20th St, Bellevue
Sold Summer 2015 for $1,025,000

535 99th Ave NE-small for web

535 99th Ave NE, Bellevue
Sold Summer 2015 $1,250,000

8620 NE 21st Pl

8620 NE 21st St Clyde Hill
Sold Spring 2015 for $1,450,000

side view of home

9831 NE 19th St Bellevue
Sold Spring 2015 for $925,000

9803 NE 15th St-Small for web

9803 NE 15th St Bellevue
Sold Summer of 2015 $950,000

front of home 5

8619 NE 21st St, Clyde hill
Sold Fall 2014 for $1,435,000

1830 NE 100th Ave NE-small for web

1830 NE 100th Ave NE, Bellevue
Sold Spring 2014 for $650,000